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Surena Humanoid Robots

​​Surena is an Iranian humanoid Robot designed and fabricated in the center of advanced systems and technology. Surena 4 project finished in January of 2020, and right now the latest generation of Surena (SuernaV) is an ongoing project in our research center. Our main goal is to increase robots' agility and intelligence.
The walking algorithm is totally different from the one used in previous generations, it uses the Divergent Component of Motion for generating trajectories...

Wheeled Bipedal Robot

This one is my Bachelor's thesis project. Wheeled biped robots are known for their versatility, they have the speed of wheeled robots and the ability of maneuvering in rough terrains. In this project I've designed a wheeled biped robot with a parallel mechanism for its knee, then I simulated it in choreonoid and gazebo in order to implement controllers 

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Self Balancing Robot (with Reinforcement Learning)

In this project, I used an actor Critic agent and a Proximal Policy Optimization method to tune a PID controller gains and time constants. The training process has been done using the PyBullet physics engine. For more info, you can read the conference paper(Link to PDF is available to read more).

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in this project, a GYM based environment has been implemented for learning the lower body motion of bipedal robot gait. several deep RL agents have been trained, DDPG and A2C resulted in better, and faster learning.

Learning Lower Body Motion for Bipedal Walking

Kinematics and Kinetics of Chebyshev's 6-bar Linkage

​​This was Dynamics of machinery course project. First, kinematic solution of the system for specific input has been found, then kinetics of mechanism which included spring and damper has been analyzed. Finally, a Cam and Follower have been designed which imitated movements of a pivot point in the mechanism.

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System Identification and Control of a Shaking Beam's Vibrations

​​This was the Linear Control of Mechanical Systems course experimental project. First, using recorded data from IMU and voltmeter we derived the relation between beams' free end vibration and piezoelectric voltage. with FFT and FRF we observed frequency domain response of the system and finally Lead, Lag and PID Controller have been designed for reducing vibrations.

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Simulation and Designing Gear-Box for a Mixing Machine

This project has been done during the course of mechanical Design II. The process began by creating a CAD Model with SolidWorks and analyzing exerted force and torque to the shafts driving a bowl and a rod. Then using Gear Handbook a worm and helical gear has been designed suited for this motion.

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