Kasra Sinaei

Mechanical Engineering Student and Research Assistant

​About me

​I am a senior year mechanical engineering student at the university of Tehran and research assistant at CAST.
My research intrests are Robotics, Modern Control, Bipedal Robots, Reinforcement Learning and optimization.
I am looking for a RA position relevant to my research interests.

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Selected Projects
Curriculum Vitae

I'm a Mechanical Engineering Student at the University of Tehran. Currently, I am working in the Center of Advanced Systems and Technology (CAST). My Research Interests are:

  • Modern Control
  • Robotics
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Optimization
  • Mechatronics​​​​​​​
I am going to finish my bachelor's in the fall of 2021 semester, and I am going to continue my studies at least till Masters's. I am available for the Ph.D. positions or master's program (research-based programs) beginning in the spring/fall 2022 semester and I am confident about continuing my research in the mentioned areas.



Mechanical Engineering Bachelors of Science
Thesis: Design & Control of Wheeled Biped Robot

The University of Tehran




​Mathematics & Physics Post Graduate Diploma
National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents​​​​​​​
Allameh Helli4 Highschool




Bipedal Locomotion Optimization by Exploitation of the Full Dynamics in DCM Trajectory Planning (second author)​​​​​​​
(9th annual RSI Conference, ICRoM 2021)


IEEE Xplore

Optimum Design and Dynamic Balance Control of a 6-DoF Wheeled Biped Robot (first author)
(Working Journal Paper)



Tuning a PID Controller with Deep Reinforcement Learning Policy Gradients (first author)
(29th ISME Conference, Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers)



​Here are some of the projects I have been involved in. For more details and info on one of each please visit my projects page. Below pictures and photos belong to:

  • 5th Generation of SURENA Humanoid Robot
  • ​​​​​​​Design, Control, and Simulation of Wheeled Biped Robot (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Learning Whole Body Trajectory for Biped Robot Gait (NAO V3)
  • Analyzing Kinematic and Kinetics of a 6-bar Linkage, Designing Cam-Follower
  • Design, Simulation, and Building a Self-Balancing Robot
  • Identification and Control of a Shaking Beam Vibrations
  • Simulation and Designing Gear-Box for a Mixing Machine



My references

Dr. A.Y. Koma 
​​​​​​​(proffessor at the University of Tehran)


Supervisor of Center of Advanced Systems and Technology (CAST) and professor at School of Mechanical Engineering.

A.Y. Koma
Google Scholar

My References

Dr. Ehsan Hosseinian
​​​​​​​ (assistant professor at the University of Tehran)

Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering at
The University of Tehran. M.S. and Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology and Postdoctoral studies at Northwestern. University.


E. Hosseinian
Google Scholar

Full Professor at the school of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Tehran, Ph.D. from Imperial College of London 1992


M. H. Yazdi

Dr. Mohammadreza Hairi Yazdi
​​​​​​​ (professor at the University of Tehran)

Google Scholar

Personal ​Email:

Academic Email: kasra.sinaei@ut.ac.ir

+98910 147 7902

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